Market opens Saturday!

Mac's Rooster They won't be coming from this rooster, but you can get eggs like you've never had them before when the Lexington Farmers Market opens this Saturday, April 12. Here's how Elmwood Stock Farm egg-whisperer Ann Bell Stone describes Elmwood's incredible pastured, certified organic eggs:

"This week's focus is on fresh eggs from our free-ranging organic laying hens. Our chickens live outdoors in fresh air, are provided clean running water, are able to hunt and peck for "chick treats" like bugs and worms, enjoy a diet of grass seedheads and clover, and are offered a balanced meal of organic grains and minerals. Remember that the color of the yolk indicates a more healthy food -- the more yellow-ee or orang-ee, the better! Eggs from chickens eating grass are naturally lower in cholesterol and contain more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids (up to 10 times more than regular store-bought eggs)."