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Bearing Gifts From Right Here

Here in the lush and amazing Bluegrass, Christmas and holiday shopping for home and loved ones gets easier and easier, simpler and simpler, and localer and...ever more local. In one stop, with free (dry) parking, I bought fragrant, fresh greens for house and table....Bluegrass Greenery

I bought beautiful small gift packages of the incomparably luscious Viburnum Valley Farm truffles and their new Persian Gems, both coated in Jamieson's Ghanaian single source chocolate, marketed from Ruth Hunt Candies in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.... Viburnum Valley Farm Confections for the holidaysI bought two of the beautiful new Bleugrass Savon soaps Susan Miller of Bleugrass Chevre just began making from goat milk and olive oil, in both unscented and very lightly scented versions. These silky, opaque, cream-colored forms and textures eluded me in photographs, so take my word for it. These soaps will make you head to the nearest tub, turn on the tap and the Bach, turn off the Blackberry and the holiday brouhaha, and slide gratefully into your very own Silent Night....

Goat Milk and Olive Oil <em>Bleugrass Savo</em>n

I bought big heavy Elmwood Stock Farm organic sweet potatoes for the Big Family Meal, which will center on an Elmwood organic free range heritage turkey. We intend to brine and roast it according to the now famous Lynne Rossetto Kasper recipe for Crisp Apple-Scented Roast Turkey with Cider-Calvados Gravy. This will be our third year using this recipe, which is written in great precision and published in Saveur.

Elmwood Stock Farm's Mascot: Mac's Rooster

I give thanks to all who grow and sell through the Lexington Farmers Market. I especially thank the growers who are selling at the winter market indoors at Victorian Square, and ESPECIALLY especially on cold wet days like today. Although I did not get wet, thanks to the covered parking, surely the farmers did as they loaded up their trucks and then unloaded into the Vic Square interior in the dark early Saturday morning.

Some growers will be selling in Vic Square each Saturday until the Market opens outdoors again on April 10, 2010. About that parking: It is behind the Triangle Center, formerly Festival Market. Enter from the 300 block of West Short Street. Get your ticket validated by a grower.

Enjoy what our amazing farms and farmers give us all year long.

Photo Credit: Viburnum Valley Chocolates for the VVFC photo -- Thank you!

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