Redoing the 4/10/10 post for email subscribers

Email subscribers to Savoring Kentucky received no hint that a short slideshow accompanied the April 10, 2010 post about the opening of the Lexington Farmers Market, so here's the post again, and here's your link to the video.

It was hard to wait. Hard imagining the growers might be anxious about the failure to complete the Market's new location on time. Hard to do without the eggs/greens/potatoes/conversations even the slender winter market provided until three weeks ago.

But it was easy to get up early and watch the 2010 Lexington Farmers Market set up in temporary spaces on Short and Upper Streets. It was easy to find beautiful food. Easy to find laughter and conversation. Easy to feel a debt of gratitude to the growers who got up at 2:30 this morning to make their way to the center of Lexington and set up truckloads of tables, tents, equipment, and products for sale.

Easy to enjoy a beautiful salad this evening, made from fresh Elmwood Stock Farm greens and Cleary Hill Farm baby radishes. That was the easiest of all.