Living on local time

Sorghum Cooking Right about now, you should be worried unless you (a) have your early garden planted; (b) live next door to a farmers market; or (c) have bought shares in a local organic, sustainable, or biodynamic farm for the upcoming growing season.

If your answer is "None of the Above," you are planning to miss out on great tastes, new foods, intense phyto-nutrients, a chance to help support your local economy for a whole growing season. Most of all, you will miss out on feeling secure about the safety and quality of your food.

There's still time! You can still dig a two foot by two foot plot of earth and start growing your own green beans, beets, carrots, salsify, cardoons...whatever tilts your tastebuds. You may be able to move to be near a farmers market, though that sounds like a lot of trouble. You are not yet too late -- but you will be shortly -- to subscribe to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture -- shares of a local farm's products) for this season. Local Harvest lists 33 CSAs in Kentucky. Who's your farmer?