It's Easy to Love Louisville

21C Museum Hotel's red glass bead-covered limo

21C Museum Hotel's red glass bead-covered limo

It's easy to see red when you visit the joyous 21C Museum Hotel, recently chosen by Condé Nast readers as the Number One Hotel In These United States. The Hotel's hot red  limo, covered with glass beads, helped me remember what's great about the color red. Human-sized red penguins seem to have the run of the place, inside and out. And though Wildcat Blue is a fine color, I like Louisville so much, and always have, that I like Cardinal Red just fine, too. Louisville chefs and eaters led most of the rest of the state in championing fine locally grown foods. Louisville policy makers, investors, and residents have a lot to teach us in central Kentucky about protecting and showcasing our historic assets, as Lexington Herald-Leader writer and blogger Tom Eblen pointed out in a fine story today.

And here's something else to love: Louisville's Grasshoppers Distribution has created a new type of Winter CSA (subscription for local food). Thanks to a tip from a Savoring Kentucky friend for this news from Grasshoppers:

We all know how hard it is to find local food during the winter months when the farmer's markets around town are very limited. This year we decided to try and make it a little easier on folks and offer a Winter CSA program that runs from December 1 - March 1. This is the first year that Grasshoppers' will be offering CSA shares throughout the winter. The shares are a little different so please read the application carefully, it is attached above. We think that a lot of folks will enjoy The Winter Staples Share, which offers a 1/2 gallon glass bottle of locally produced milk from JD's Country Milk,  one carton of local farm fresh eggs from Chelsey's Eggs, 3-4 locally grown seasonal produce items from a variety of producer, and each month you will receive 1 bottle of maple syrup from Leane and Michael's Sugarbush in Southern Indiana, a jar of local honey from Harry C. Jones in Crestwood, one pound of local gourmet mushrooms from Sheltowee farms in Bath County, and one jar of local sorghum from Country Rock Sorghum in Woodford County (one of these items is included in the Winter Staples Share every week). We will have more details and pictures up on the website shortly.

I hope this new enterprise soars for Grasshoppers, and inspires similar offerings across the state.

I am excited about all the ways Louisville visionaries and entrepreneurs are leading Kentucky forward, supporting our health, our love of good food, our priceless farms, and our spirits' love of beauty, verve, and reflection. We are lucky to have Louisville be part of all of us.

Go see 21C and its singularly delightful collection of objects and experiences.  You will laugh, think, reflect, appreciate, and be glad to be alive. Then go visit Proof on Main, the 21C restaurant, to enjoy fine Kentucky foods in a beautiful setting. In fact, Proof's windows look out on the lively section of Louisville's West Main Street that Tom Eblen describes so well in his story.

It's all Kentucky, and it's all fine.