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How sweet the Brandywine!

Maybe it was the beautiful strong plants from the Lexington Farmers Market, or the heat, or the nearly black compost my man put around them, but one of my four Brandywine plants produced a ripe fruit yesterday, June 26, the earliest ever in my garden. I also "disappeared" the first two Sun Gold fruit - so delicious - and I expect about 10,000 more on my four Sun Gold plants, based on their blooms.

Brandywine fruits are famously ugly, and my first tomato lived up to that reputation. Split, with a gnarly side and a green spot near the stem - I didn't even think about making a photo before I rushed to the kitchen sink with it. I intended to eat it like an apple, but at the last minute I got a bowl, sliced chunks into it, splashed on a little olive oil and Cavalli Balsamic seasoning, and ooooooohhhhhhhh my. I love tomatoes from my garden, and I particularly love Brandywines. I have to thank Steve, the farmer who grew such great plants, and Steve, the gardener, who has been caging and watering and composting.

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