Savoring Kentucky Gets Hot

Spring Sun, Spring Leaves Savoring Kentucky joins a hot panel of Lexington's Hottest Bloggers in a session at the Carnegie Center this weekend. Yearn to blog? We'll do our best to shine like the spring sun and fire up your passions and energy for starting, restarting, or putting new energy into your blog.

Register online here.

Saturday, April 24, 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM, Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning (map)

Here's what you most want to know: What about the Hot Bloggers? Here are the others involved right now:

Mick Jeffries's inventive, always surprising Mingle Freely at (I consider Mick the ur-Blogger in Lexington)

Morgan Siler-Cecil's beauteous, passionate Bluegrass Romance Project at

Author/Playwright Donna Ison

Note the love of place, love of expression and experience, love of life in all three - and come join us for this first-time event Saturday.