Honest! What a farm!

Played hooky at lunch time this week to drive to beautiful Midway, Kentucky to have lunch at Honest Farm Pure Kentucky Market, a tasty Kentucky-based grocery. My companions ate chicken pot pie with a biscuit crust. Some of them added a Cowboy Cookie or piece of Coca Cola Cake for dessert. I had a lemony egg salad on beautiful green lettuce leaves, with improbably red tomato slices. Red, yellow, bright green - my plate looked like a flag celebrating spring. I make wonderful egg salad with splendid bright orange Elmwood Stock Farm pastured eggs. Honest Farm's lemony egg salad recipe beat mine, though - it was the best egg salad I have ever had. Honest Farm owner Susie Quick said the pastured eggs came from Waterworks Farm in Shelby County. I took a few pics at Honest Farm Pure Kentucky Market. Enjoy!