Halloween Curmudgeon's Suggestions: What To Do Instead

Wallace Station

Wallace Station

We've tried the cute-toothbrush-and-a-baby-box-of-raisin route for the goblins who come to the front door on October 31. If children's masked looks could kill, we'd have been in the cemetery behind our house years ago. We gave up on that and now hand out the usual individually wrapped chocolate-y contributions to children's 3,500 - 7,000 calorie Halloween Haul.

Kids have been wearing their costumes and anticipating this evening for weeks, but what are adults to do on a Monday night to mark this strange food-centric event? A few ideas:

  • In central Kentucky, turn off the porch light and head out to Wallace Station Deli and Bakery to join their weekly celebration of Classic Fried Chicken, cooked in black skillets: fried chicken as it was meant to be.
  • Come to Cornbread Supper, which happens every Monday night at 6 PM. We will serve some black skillet foods ourselves, of the cornbread variety.
  • Eat a good meal at home and then go to the historic Kentucky Theatre in downtown Lexington and join a taping of the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, which promises artists this week who seem to cross the boundaries that divide country, folk, rock, and classical.
  • If you actually like ghouls and were downtown last night, stay home tonight and bask in the remembered chill of Lexington's renowned Thriller re-enactment.
  • Be patient, and wait for the richly colorful (and tasty, and meaningful) Day of the Dead celebration on November 1. Activities start in early evening at the Living Arts and Science Center (facebook), with food for sale, and dancing, and crafting of appropriate regalia. The LASC promises this year TWO Mexican dance troupes will lead the powerful twilight procession from the LASC to the spectacularly decorated and lit Old Episcopal Burying Ground one block away.
  • If all else fails? Stay home and mope, comforting yourself with Pumpkin Fluff, a recipe from livepretty.com, a Florida-based food blog.

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