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Lettuce and greens from Steve's Plants

Lettuce and greens from Steve's Plants

It was 7 degrees, this morning, that's s-e-v-e-n, and only seven, with the white snow cover to match. But I saw green shoots in the brief thaw before this last snow: crocus leaf tips and, of course, garlic. Questions about seeds and plants are showing up in email, facebook, and plain old talk. I followed a black Prius for a while this morning, and its Kentucky license plate read simply, "GARDEN." Sunrise is earlier, sunset is later, and spring marches toward us.

I've enjoyed learning about two new (to me) types of spinach that may grow in Kentucky gardens: Strawberry Spinach (tip of my Kentucky Proud ballcap to BMcK) and Malabar Spinach (tip to SG). And I enjoyed reading about a South Carolina chef so committed to cooking the food of his place that he is coaxing the seeds of precious, nearly lost heritage plants out of the hands of their keepers so he can try them on his own land.

Here are some early, smart ways to start gardening in central Kentucky, courtesy of John Walker of  Faith Feeds, Kitchen Gardeners Bluegrass, and Edible Garden Series. John says:

The first meeting of the 2011 Edible Garden Series will be at Beaumont  Presbyterian Church, Lane Allen on Saturday 26 Feb at 10 am. It will be a seed swap, meet and greet. So please come even if you don't have seeds.

In-Feed will be having their seed sale at Woodland Christian Church,  March 12 from 9-3 pm. I will be doing a soil block workshop at 2 pm. We will also take orders for the 5ft tomato cages I have been making for the past few years ($10)

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