Growing Our Own, Cooking Our Own = Genuine Security

Winter salad made from greens grown in Berea College greenhouses

Winter salad made from greens grown in Berea College greenhouses

At Savoring Kentucky, we know the best homeland security of all is to grow our own food, cook our own food, and savor meals with friends, families, neighbors, and acquaintances, every day, year-round. This is one of Savoring Kentucky's favorite riffs, as long-time readers surely know.

Two intriguing stories on these themes from this week's media:

Journalist Neal Peirce describes the progress of city-supported urban agriculture in San Francisco: Counsel to Cities, Feed Thyself.

New York Times food writer Mark Bittman lays out a concise plan for converting from federal food policies that sicken to those that heal people, communities, and land: A Food Manifesto for the Future. (Hat tip RBS.) I'm a food soldier in this guy's armed service; my arsenal includes a  trowel and a rotary beater.

Mark Bittman definitely had me at the call for a Civilian Cooking Corps (shades of Jamie Oliver's Pass It On food revolution and Sharon Astyk and Aaron Newton's call for 200 million new cooks.) And then there's this telling sentence: "Food-related deaths are far more common than those resulting from  terrorism, yet the F.D.A.'s budget is about one-fifteenth that of  Homeland Security."

Bringing possibilities closer to home, note that the gorgeous salad above showed up on the Cornbread Supper table on January 31, 2011, fresh from the Berea College Greenhouse. (Thank you, JL.) We can grow such fine foods in Kentucky year round. Perhaps our colleges and schools will expand their roles, lead us forward, and support us as we become independent of trucked-in food.

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