Beautiful Local Slow Food, With Adorable, Pettable Goat Mascots, for $5!

Bleugrass Chevre goat at Miller Trust Farm, 2009

Bleugrass Chevre goat at Miller Trust Farm, 2009

Even though countless good things happen daily in the world of Kentucky food, until now we have had no Slow Food chapter for Lexington and central Kentucky. Contrast that with a story I heard fourth-hand recently about a person starting a new chapter in California because the nearest one was about 20 minutes away.

Now an irrepressible and energetic duo, Susan Miller and Elaine Shay, want to gauge interest in launching a new Slow Food chapter for our region. Predictably, they have planned a fun, affordable, food-centric event as a way of getting interested people engaged in the conversation.

In the tradition of Slow Food $5 Challenges, on Sunday, October 23, from 4:00 - 6:00 PM, at Miller Trust Farm (see below), Susan and Elaine will offer homemade Kentucky burgoo—our Commonwealth's "social stew"— made from Lexington Farmers Market ingredients, artisan breads, and pumpkin-apple sorbet. The cost is $5, or $3 for children under 10. This meal happens during a week of heightened focus here and around the world on food, the people who produce it, and the natural resources required to grow it wisely.

To make the event even sweeter, Susan Miller will open the goat barn and cheese plant at her wonderful farm. In past visits, the cuddly, nuzzly, wonderfully tame goats have charmed children and adults alike. The farm is at 1175 Grimes Mill Road in rural Lexington-Fayette County, about 15 beautiful miles from the heart of Lexington. Note I did not make the farm address a link, because venerable mapping programs, all of them, will get you completely lost. Get straightforward directions by emailing, or call Susan at 859.421.6983.

Savoring Kentucky applauds Susan and Elaine, and all who may join together to bring us into Slow Food's focused work on food justice, healthy school lunches, and equity for food workers. Slow Food works on hard issues in our food system so all of us, and our great-great-grandchildren, can continue enjoying our birthright of mouth-watering foods that are locally and sustainably grown.

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