A monk, a cat, and a cod flounder onto our table...

Late afternoon beach shadow, with Croc tips

Late afternoon beach shadow, with Croc tips

As we get ready to come home to the Bluegrass, the Atlantic Ocean has become even more wondrous than usual. Hurricane Bill is sending big waves up onto Salisbury Beach, as you can see in the 72 second video to the right. (Email subscribers will have to visit the site to see the wave action video.) This ocean fed us in new ways this summer. We typically eat more shellfish and lobsters than Atlantic groundfish -- honestly, I didn't even know the word "groundfish" until two weeks ago, though I treasure haddock.

This year we branched out, learning what millions have known for millennia: The North Atlantic's groundfish are splendid. We ate Ocean Catfish, Monkfish, Flounder, and Cod - all white, sweet, flaky, and delicious.

Eastman's Seafood in Seabrook, New Hampshire, offered printed recipes with each type of fish, and we tried each recipe with good results. Here are the quartet of simple, timeless, flexible, simply excellent recipes:

Fabulous Flounder - baked with crumbs, lemon juice, and seasonings.

Cod Fish Grilled in Foil - more lemon and butter, onion and paprika

Monkfish and Bacon Kebabs - inspired! The little bacon rolls, mushrooms, and sweet peppers flavor each other, and the fish (after a short dip in....lemon!)

Baked Fish Fillet Crunch - Carolyn Eastman recommended this cooks.com recipe for the ocean catfish. We used finely chopped pecans instead of the corn flakes -- following kitchen rules of "use what we have" -- and the results were great. I am no fan of the muddy taste of most river or channel catfish, but ocean cats are a whole nuther kettle of (white, sweet) fish.

These recipes are keepers!