Fine New Kentucky Chocolates from Viburnum Valley

Viburnum Valley Kentucky Truffles Jamieson's premium Kentucky chocolate, European sensibilities, finesse in preparation -- voila! We have wonderful new chocolates and pastries in central Kentucky, courtesy of Viburnum Valley Confections, a Lexington-based Kentucky Proud.

Viburnum Valley sells tarts, truffles, and pastries at the Saturday Lexington Farmers Market. Find them at Bleugrass Chevre's stand, where the local goat cheese spreads and feta continue to delight, by the way.

Meld the chevre and chocolate enterprises together and new things happen. Try the chevre tarts and truffles. I bought a chevre fruit tart Saturday -- delicious, with a fine butter-based crust -- but got to the Market too late to try the chevre truffles. I was forced to bring home four consolation prizes: truffles in Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Raspberry, and Amaretto/Almond. Beautifully made, locally made, carefully made Kentucky food.