Farm bill - a chance to make a policy difference

Sharon Stratton, Hoot Owl Holler Farm My fraternity -- aka the National Peace Corps Association -- is working for changes in the 2007 U.S. Farm Bill. One partner organization, Oxfam America, has developed a "Fairness in the Field" vision for the Farm Bill that includes these aims:

-Reduce funding for commodity subsidies that distort trade, and shift resources to alternative investments in rural America. -Shift taxpayer dollars to programs that help conserve land for future generations, support a broad variety of farm products,and help poor and minority farmers. - Shift taxpayer dollars to programs that can create markets for healthy foods in the same regions where farmers live " in school cafeterias,farmers markets,local grocery stores,hospitals,and nursing homes. - Invest in roads,bridges,and broadband technology in rural America to generate new jobs and strengthen small businesses.

Photo is of Sharon Stratton, Hoot Owl Holler Farm