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Derby Baskets

Kentucky Derby Basket by Ginny's Kentucky Baskets

I'll be honest. Until tonight I had never HEARD of Derby Baskets.

Now, just by looking at websites for two companies recommended to me by friends and family, I see that Derby Baskets must be a THING! Check out the baskets at Kentucky Soaps and Such, a Stanford business.

I admit I'm still wondering: What's a Derby Basket for? Is it a gift placed in the room of house guests on Derby weekend? Is it something sent to Kentuckians living out of state and pining for Derby right about now, as the first Saturday in May approaches? People just like me, who have never come within 50 miles of Churchill Downs on Derby Day, still may need consolation and Kentucky goodness on Derby Day if they are far from home.

In any case, Kentucky Soaps and Such and Ginny's Kentucky Baskets offer MANY kinds of baskets, all of which seem to be filled with Kentucky-made or Kentucky-grown products. I looked for just such a basket about 18 months ago and found nothing. Now, without even looking, two companies have made themselves known to me through their happy customers.

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