Dear Farmer-in-Chief...

Green bean seedlings in my downtown garden

Green bean seedlings in my downtown garden

My circle of friends, colleagues, and loved ones is buzzing like a productive field of honeybees on a fine summer day - and it's about Farmer in Chief, Michael Pollan's fine, long piece in the October 12 New York Times Magazine's annual Food Issue.

After a compact statement of the mess we're in -- something Pollan is becoming ever sharper in describing -- the long list of fixes gloriously begins. The big umbrella: a sun-fueled food system.

The three big categories -- each full of juicy specific ideas:

  • Resolarizing the American Farm
  • Reregionalizing the Food System
  • Rebuilding America's Food Culture

Perhaps my most favorite new idea, because it made me laugh out loud: A School Lunch Corps program "that forgives federal student loans to culinary shool graduates in exchange for two years of service in the public-school lunch program." That and the suggestion that the President Elect go ahead and dig up some of the South Lawn at the White House and plant a wonderful, visible, culture-changing First Garden.