Col. Newsom's Ham Goes Bilingual

Col. Newsom's aged country hamThe best ham in Kentucky -- Col. Newsom's Aged Country Ham -- recently  joined the best dry-aged hams in the world in a Spanish museum dedicated to air cured hams. Nancy Newsom Mahaffey cures, smokes, and ages hams in Princeton, Kentucky, keeping to the processes her grandfather used when he founded the business in 1917. Nancy recently wrote Mark Williams, leader of Slow Food Bluegrass, to tell him of this latest honor. Nancy said, "Colonel Newsoms Aged Hams was invited to the 5th World Congress of Dry Cured hams held in Aracena, Spain. The Congress was held May 6th thru the 8th. They placed our ham in their Jamon Museum and it was on national television in Spain. I was so honored. This is the first time that an American ham has been asked to be a part of their Congress."

Savoring Kentucky congratulates Nancy and all who work with her. We thank Nancy for maintaining this demanding art that produces ham fit for the most distinguished table.