Cleveland's Biscuits in Versailles

Biscuits made with frozen, grated butter

Biscuits made with frozen, grated butter

I'm not proud of it, but there are certain parts of my own food culture that I don't just adore. Biscuits, for example. I do not love biscuits. Cornbread and yeast rolls - yes. Biscuits - so-so, except about once a year with fresh butter and warm sorghum. Still, I live in a family of biscuit fans -- Tallest Son in particular. So I try making biscuits occasionally, and I taste biscuits in restaurants, always wondering what it would take to make me like them.

I have made a discovery. Check it out if you are in central Kentucky. The biscuits at Cleveland's, the excellent new restaurant at the Woodford Inn in Versailles (that's ver-SALES), Kentucky reflect a balance of structure and tenderness, outside crust and light moist interior - they are so good they are mystifying.

Though I don't like them as much as Cleveland's biscuits, I have learned (credits here go to Kitchen Savvy) how to make biscuits that my main live-in biscuit eater prizes above all others. The secret to these tender fellers is frozen, grated butter, plus the irreplaceable buttermilk, and then all the other usual biscuit essentials. Check out the recipe here.