Cheap food suddenly isn't

Campsie green beans

Campsie green beans

I have been concerned about the farmers who grow much of my family's food. As fuel prices increase, so do their costs. Since their food already seems to cost more because buyers actually are paying more of the true costs of production and transportation than with supermarket food, I have feared our incredible local growers might lose precious business.

In "Some Good News on Food Prices", Kim Severson suggests in the New York Times that I may have this just wrong. I hope so!

If the costs of fuel make Big Macs and mass produced iceberg lettuce costs rise, people may be willing to pay just a bit more to buy Big Mac Stone's fine pastured certified organic Black Angus ground round and ground chuck. And a virtual forest of beautiful organic lettuces from great local farms like Blue Moon Farm, Hazelfield Farm, Three Springs Farm, Terrapin Hill Farm, Elmwood, and many more.