Savoring Kentucky's New Local Food Calendar

Locally grown greens make fresh, beautiful, affordable wreath at Lexington Farmers Market, Kentucky

Locally grown greens make fresh, beautiful, affordable wreath at Lexington Farmers Market, Kentucky

Before saying more about the beautiful local foliage in this photo, and before encouraging you to join me in some weekend events, I want to show you Savoring Kentucky's new Local Food Calendar. You can access the calendar from the navigation bar across the top of each Savoring Kentucky page, where it says "Calendar" on the far right (imagine that!) or from the little visual calendar in the middle column on every page. The visual calendar, so far, shows only the current month, but the "View All" link just above it takes you to the full calendar.

Here's a visual hint about where to look:

Screenshot of Savoring Kentucky's calendar access points

Screenshot of Savoring Kentucky's calendar access points

Savoring Kentucky has to get along with me as the in-house techie, and that sometimes leads to drama. I use a lot of open source software to make things happen on the site, and this week I got in over my head and destroyed the calendar for a day or so. (I hope no one noticed.) I have been testing it for awhile, in its straightforward version. I got into trouble when I tried to build in a function that will have to wait a little bit longer. Shortly, but not quite yet, you will be able to put your own local food events on the calendar. I will let you know when that happens. I am waiting for some true techies to complete some coding and testing for a feature they call "Community Events."

So much goes on every day in the world of local food that I became concerned that my occasional event posts were inadequate. In the short run, until a workable version of "Community Events" arrives, I'll continue adding events to the calendar as I discover them, or you can send me information and I'll put it on the calendar. The do-it-yourself  "Community Events" function is promised for late 2011, and it's getting later pretty quickly, don't you think?

Now - about that beautiful winter greens centerpiece above: I don't know if the fantastic prices represented by this $20 wreath in 2009 will still be the norm at the Lexington Farmers Market on Saturday, December 3, but I imagine so. I'm guessing similar Fayette County-grown, freshly cut, sweet smelling, beautifully arranged green options will be there. And I'm guessing the price will beat what you can find anywhere, including the tired, dull, petroleum-miles-tainted, weeks-or-months-old greenery I've seen this week in front of major grocery stores. A lot of other food will be at the winter Lexington Farmers Market, too, including meats, eggs, produce, and baked goods. This weekend, the Lexington Farmers Market enters its winter phase indoors in the charming atrium at the Victorian Square Shoppes, 401 West Main Street.

It's often easy to park on a nearby street. If you cannot, or if the weather is iffy, park free, with validation, in the garage that's entered from Short Street, between Broadway and Market. Walk across the pedestrian bridge and there you are, with all the goodness central Kentucky growers are still bringing for our health and pleasure.

And yes, the indoor version of the Lexington Farmers Market is on the Savoring Kentucky Local Food Calendar. Enjoy, and I'll see you at the Market. I will be there early this week. Oh, but wait -  I'd like to see you at Windy Corner Market Holiday Bazaar too, a little later on Saturday, December 3. All manner of good and interesting people (scroll down on that page) will be there, offering baskets of goodies and individual items to lift your holiday spirits. From 9:30 AM until 3 PM, I will be signing my pretty new book, Sweet, Sweet Sorghum. A real sorghum guru, Randal Rock of Country Rock Sorghum, aka "Mr. Page 29," will be there, too, with plenty of sorghum to make it easy to taste and share the real thing with loved ones.

Sunday (December 4), from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM, I will be signing Sweet, Sweet Sorghum at Worlds Apart Home, 850 E. High in Lexington. I expect to be particularly merry, as I will be alongside the irrepressible and delightful Barbara Napier of Snug Hollow B&B, who will be signing her fine Snug Hollow Farm Cook Book. Both Barbara and her cookbook are pure Kentucky wonders.

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