Buzz, March 2, 2011

Bees in crocuses, downtown Lexington, Kentucky

Bees in crocuses, downtown Lexington, Kentucky

Gardening events and agriculture stories of interest are thicker than spring hen bit. I do believe we are working our way toward being a society of food growers again. How about all this?

  • If you want some help getting your garden going, here's a list of upcoming gardening classes in central Kentucky
  • Gardening and food system guru John Walker's March 5 and 12 intro class at the Living Arts and Science Center in downtown Lexington still has space for you. Description and details:
    • You will learn the first steps to start growing your own food here in Kentucky. We will discuss good organic practices as well as what not to worry about. You'll plant seeds in containers, take them home and care for them until time to plant them just after Derby day. Sat: Mar 5, 12 Ages: 8 yrs to Adult | 10 - 12 pm | $25/35 (nm) Students under 12 years must be accompanied by a participating adult.362 N. Martin Luther King Blvd. Lexington, KY 40508 Phone: (859) 252-5222 / 255-2284
    • In-Feed's local sale of garden seeds (some locally collected) on March 12 features advance online ordering. Wow! View the seed list.
    • Seedleaf's Spring Cleanup day at the London Ferrell Community Garden will be March 26. The tradition continues of pairing the cleanup with great coffee from Third Street Stuff and Mimi's Homemade Doughnuts. It will be a sweet day. Let me know if you want to help make the doughnuts.
    • Local sweet-pungent-tasty blogger Stella Parks keeps great posts coming at BraveTart. I loved this one about chestnuts. In fact, the two most recent BraveTart posts have featured macarons, a personal obsession, and chestnuts, a food I've loved since first bite in Thanksgiving dressing a few decades ago. Until Stella's post, I always thought I was the only person on this continent who really delights in chestnut flavor. I was wrong.
    • Friends at Kentucky-based Gourmandistan consistently post smart pieces with beautiful photographs, describing food adventures in their own kitchen and an ocean away. It's enlightening to follow their progress through the steps of creating or tweaking food they like, often based on what they have on hand -- and what they have on hand is interesting, too.
    • In spite of finishing her Americorps service, getting a (sort of) new full-time job, getting engaged to her man Ron, and landing a writing assignment with Louisville's Food and Dining magazine, Ashlee Clark keeps writing her delightful Louisville blog, Ashlee Eats: "Filet Mignon Appetite. Dollar Menu Budget."
    • National food writer Mark Bittman caught some Savoring Kentucky readers' attention with his latest online commentary for the New York Times Opinionator: Don't End Agricultural Subsidies, Fix them. Bittman proposes to redirect subsidies toward supporting the kinds of food and cultivation practices that will build and sustain our health, instead of continuing subsidies to the food industries that have made a lot of us ill and fat. What Bittman proposes sounds good for Kentucky, and any other state of the Union.

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