Isn't "Browning's" a Perfect Name for a True Kentucky Ham and Bacon Company?


Being at the 2011 Incredible Food Show means developing new Kentucky food crushes. Savoring Kentucky discovered a big one at the Browning's Country Ham booth. The delicious, authentic country ham tastes exactly as it should, given its salt-and-sugar cure and its full four seasons of exposure to the heat and cold, humidity and aridity of Kentucky's up and down weather. Tasters at the booth echoed my thoughts about how closely the country bacon resembled the country ham in taste and goodness. In the Savoring Kentucky kitchen, the Country Bacon (cured, not smoked, aged one year, thick-cut) and the Applewood Smoked Bacon lasted exactly two days, through two meals with guests. For a sweet Sunday brunch with family and new friends, spiced with good political talk, Browning's Country Bacon may have made the best ever version of a long-time family favorite, Baked Eggs and Bacon in Muffin Cups.

For the usual Monday night Cornbread Supper, the Applewood strips put the smoke in the smoky bacon cornbread (recipe) that is one of Chef Sean Brock's signature dishes at his Husk restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina. Not having a wood-fired oven that can reach 800 degrees F. and bake the cornbread—according to this recipe—in eight minutes? That's good, too. It leaves us something crunchy and wonderful to anticipate.

Browning's delicious ham (cooked and uncooked), bacon, and other products are available online. Enjoy!

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