Make Brigitte's Carrot Soup!

Brigitte Nguyen

Brigitte Nguyen

One of the joys of 2010 has been meeting wonderful new Kentucky-based chefs and bloggers. I'm enthralled with Brigitte Nguyen and Stella Parks, chefs I've met this year. Both are culinary school grads, both are interested in and fluent in multiple languages, and both take a powerful delight in food and its many pleasures, particularly when that food is grown or purchased in Kentucky.

Savoring Kentucky readers have already heard a bit about BraveTart, Stella Parks and Rosco Weber's photo-licious food blog. Their astonishing Heritage Thanksgiving post received national attention. We're likely to come back to that post in the future, but go ahead and peek. It features, among other wonders, Brigitte Nguyen preparing the heritage turkey and other savories for the meal.

Brigitte produces three valuable minutes on cooking each Thursday at 12:30 PM for WLEX-18. Each segment makes me want to cook. Just after Thanksgiving, Brigitte showed viewers Spiced Carrot Soup, a simple, delicious way to use the carrots and onions that live in many cooks' kitchens, especially after a stuffing- and relish-heavy meal like Thanksgiving dinner.  I was taken with the simplicity and savor of this soup, good anytime, but particularly after several days of indulgence.

In November, 2010, Brigitte began hosting the Cooking Channel's 'From the Kitchens of... ,' a behind-the-scenes look at recipes developed in the test kitchens of the country's largest food manufacturers. If you are cable-challenged, as we are at Savoring Kentucky, the program's website kindly offers the recipes Brigitte demonstrates.

Both Brigitte and Stella win my heart and my support by more than their wonderful natures and amazing cooking skills. Both advocate for and inform about Kentucky sources for their dishes. These two fine chefs form important new strands of the emerging beneficial web of growers, producers, processors, markets, chefs, restaurants, and cooks (and maybe even writers) who constitute Kentucky's food renaissance.

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