Barbara Kingsolver on eating seasonally, locally

OrionI like to recommend Kentucky native Barbara Kingsolver's novel Prodigal Summer to people as a "novel of reproduction and ecology," which may be redundant repetition. I also like that one of the characters had the same name as my quirky, kindly elementary school principal, Garnett Walker. Avid Blue Moon (Garlic) Farm readers Jean and Leo Keene sent a link to a new Kingsolver essay, published in Orion Magazine, on the joys and wisdom of eating local foods in season. In a nice nod to the Slow Food movement and its principles, Kingsolver says, "Slow Food International has done a good job of putting a smile on this eating style, rather than a pious frown, even while sticking to the quixotic agenda of fighting overcentralized agribusiness. The engaging strategy of the Slowies (their logo is a snail) is to celebrate what we have, standing up for the pleasures that seasonal eating can bring. They have their work cut out for them, as the American brain trust seems mostly blank on that subject."

We'll be talking about things like that at Growing Kentucky II on March 13-14. Slow Food USA Executive Director Erica Lesser, among many others, will help and guide us in the direction of eating with great pleasure, responsibly.