Aspara-gusto! May's Lick Festival, May 17, 2008

Urban Asparagus

Urban Asparagus

This monster asparagus grew in our bed downtown in Lexington and, emboldened by its 2007 manure, threatened to eat the neighborhood. Never fear, though! Mild-tempered, well-mannered asparagus -- plus much fun -- can be yours in May's Lick, Kentucky on May 17, at the annual Asparagus Festival (always the third Saturday in May.)

I must confess that this delicious-sounding festival promises some kinds of fun I, at least, am not used to having. I will cite just one -- the Asparagus Bed Race! I'm not promising an Asparagus Bed Race this year, but I'm saying it appears there have been bed races in the past. So I'm hopeful about that, along with the parade, the Taste of Asparagus, and other events that the organizers have in mind for all of us this year

See how the wonderful Jennifer Gleason, founder of Sunflower Sundries, described a recent festival. The tiny town of May's Lick has to have a lot of energetic people to produce the big array of events each year, all celebrating the completely locally grown and indescribably good A-list vegetable, asparagus.

I am learning to use a new tool called Twine. I mean, I'm trying to learn. The idea is to find new ways to tie things and people together, if that's what we want. I am hoping to use my local food twine to make it easy for people to post and find information on events relating to local food in Kentucky.