American Food

American Food

American Food

Food builds bridges. Sharing food and drink builds conviviality. Food interests us all, calling us to a communal table, binding us in mutual delight. And so I thought "I told you so" when Senator Dianne Feinstein told the people of the world and the 200 people invited to the traditional inaugural luncheon that the recipe page on the official  inauguration website had been visited more than any other page.

We want to know that our elected leaders are fellow humans, that they eat and drink, and what they eat and drink. Perhaps we want to eat with them, in a sense. The wonder of recipes makes it possible for us to build a collective meal cooked in a hundred thousand different kitchens.

Thirst-quenching meal for Obama's inaugural lunch (Reuters)

Wine makers toast a new wine drinker in the White House (Reuters)

...and late food news from the Kentucky Ball, reported by Lexington Herald-Leader reporter Beverly Fortune:

The dinner featuring grilled Kentucky bison filet was planned and coordinated by Michael Paley, executive chef of Louisville's Proof on Main. Table arrangements with orchids and Kentucky-grown Asiatic and oriental lilies were created by Sharon Bale, UK professor of horticulture.

The Kentucky Distillers' Association presented a "Kentucky Bourbon Trail," a bourbon tasting featuring most of the state's distillers.