A Real Spring Break



It's been tulips all the way for Kentucky's spring - until tonight. With a freeze expected, orchards, gardens, and farms will be challenged. Yet Kentucky's agricultural rebirth continues. A few examples:

Add Sapori D'Italia to your all-Kentucky cheese plate. Sapori d'Italia began selling aged goat cheese at the Lexington Farmers Market during the winter months in Victorian Square. Italian cheesemaker Giovanni Capezzuto makes these tasty hard cheeses in Nicholasville.

I've seen duck eggs for sale recently at Good Foods Market. And now a smart food scout sends information about a local source of duck eggs: D-K Ducky Hatchery. Contact Debbie Duncan, 859.842.0956.

A friend reports the pasture-raised beef from The Jerrys Farm in Flemingsburg is excellent. The Jerrys also offer pastured chicken and pork. Farming is done with draft animals, and many opportunities to visit the farm for work and play are available.

If you have been trying bison burgers around Kentucky, you know they are delicious. Good Foods Market carries Kentucky bison. The Kentucky Bison Company website offers a list of restaurants and markets carrying this excellent product.

Even with spring temporarily stuck in reverse, good things are happening all around us here in Kentucky. The growing season is taking a break, but other good things keep on happening all around us.