A mixed bouquet

June Bouquet

June Bouquet

My uncle who farmed by day and read philosophy at night said that all colors work together in gardens and flower arrangements, because all colors appear together in nature. The Gardener at my house likes a semi-wild/semi-contained mix of colors, shapes, and textures in our ornamental beds, and has begun stretching the principle further by mixing fruits and vegetables into the ornamental beds. Our dark beautiful Bluegrass soil (Maury Series Loam), coupled with this growing season's ample rain, yields a wondrous tousle in our long borders. Giant squash leaves unfold next to daylilies and space-age Echinops, and a happy new dwarf Montmorency cherry tree stretches up nearby.

We made a mixed up arrangement, above, to brighten the living room for last Monday night's Cornbread Supper (you're invited every Monday). It led me to the hope that just as colors and types of plants mix in nature, so can topics mix in blogs.

In theory.

Here comes the test -- a bit about several topics on my mind.

  • Amazing people at Art in Motion -- please take 100 bows, Yvette Hurt -- have raised money, caucused with neighbors, and this week are installing Lexington's second art bus shelter right here at E. Third and Elm Tree Lane. In winter I can see the spot clearly from any back window of our house. This creativity-brimming shelter will feature a  changing back wall exhibit of local art, a large metal sculpture by the renowned Garry Bibbs, and the ability to rearrange sections of the shelter so that it becomes a performance space, particularly handy for street festival weekends.
  • The Gardener (that same wonderful man) appears to be documenting this construction project on facebook (as Steve Kay) and twitter (as @campsiesteve). Photos, too.
  • This is a bit prospective, and I don't want to jinx the outcome, but the tone and statements about renovating and expanding the Lyric Theatre were promising at today's work session of the Lexington Fayette Urban County Council. The Lyric, closed and neglected for 46 years, can become one of the most exciting, healing, enriching developments I've witnessed in Lexington, assuming the Council votes to approve construction funding this Thursday, July 2.
  • And then there are black raspberries. At least for a moment, anyway, at Reed Valley Orchard. Black raspberries are their own luscious thing, not some version of blackberry. I like black raspberries best of all berries (at least until someone offers me a mulberry, or a pail of freshly picked wild blackberries, ready for pie.)
  • Blueberries, too, are quite literally growing on us here in central Kentucky. Several types of blueberries, by the tens of tasty thousands, can be picked or bought already picked at Reed Valley Orchard and at other orchards nearby. Could the Bluegrass become the Blueberry Belt's Buckle?
  • Two friends have new books. Equine ER, Leslie Guttman's new book about Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, comes out soon. I have ordered an Early Bird copy (Free Shipping). I expect to enjoy it and learn a great deal from it. Delightful friend Chuck Sohner did not live to finish his lively, funny memoir, Final Exams, but completed enough to make a great read that integrates personal, political, and social history. Congratulations to his family for publishing this book about a life that could only have unfolded in the USA.
  • Topics I've noted during recent Suppers:
  • Composting
  • Kentucky League of Cities, worries and miseries
  • Composting types
  • CentrePointe
  • Composting
  • Pedicures -- deadly or delicious?
  • Beehive construction -- little hammers work best
  • twitter
  • Do Kentucky wines deserve a future?
  • Downtown backyard chicken coops
  • Publishing
  • Printing and binding one's own fine book at the King Library Press
  • twitter's impact on Lexington
  • Jennifer's tomato soup
  • Carbon offsets
  • Yin, but also Yang
  • House-buying
  • London Ferrell Community Garden
  • Sacred prostitution in the Indian state of Karnataka
  • Movies: Amélie, Bull Durham, Away We Go, and nothing violent or sad
  • Composting tools
  • twitter's ability to integrate with other social media and cure the economic downturn's marketing blues for big things like WEG (451 days to go)
  • Writing Practice groups at the Carnegie Center
  • String theory
  • United Nations
  • Horse surgery
  • High hoop greenhouses at Au Naturel Farm
  • Seedleaf - the wonder of it
  • Bourbon pie made with Cool Whip, melted Hershey bars, and one cup of Makers Mark, in a bought graham cracker crust
  • Composting temperatures
  • Cocktails made with local fruits, herbs, botanicals -- whither? Blackberry? Tomato? Rely on Bourbon?
  • The ineffable majesty of deviled eggs
  • Bones for Life
  • Compost, though I may have mentioned that before.