Spoonbread or Spoon Bread - It's Delicious

Spoon Bread

Spoon Bread

Working on my part of tonight's dinner, using James Beard's recipe for Cornmeal Spoon Bread, I came to the part that offers an option NOT to separate the eggs in order to beat yolks and whites separately. Usually I use the whole egg approach without a thought. Tonight, though, I reached for two bowls and did the light thing. Three reasons for doing a bit more came to mind. One, after the intense, happy week of cooking for the Thanksgiving holiday, the slightly more elaborate version of this little dish seemed easy to prepare.

Second, the rest of this Sunday night dinner -- pan-fried Elmwood Stock Farm organic chicken livers and my cooking partner's famous Brussels Sprouts -- was in other capable hands. Cooking with others is my all-time favorite form of cooking, and dividing up  cooking duties is almost as good.

The third reason is a cooking tool for which I am finding many uses. This summer I bought a KitchenAid hand-held blender to take on vacation, ending a foolish habit of (others) lugging an 11-year old Braun 5 in 1 machine 2,000 miles round-trip, and then up (and down) three flights of stairs. The new blender came with a whip attachment that I use a good deal, sometimes with splattery results, but I'm learning. A small fine tool, easy to pull out of a drawer, makes a difference, compared to the still excellent but more awkward Braun 5 in 1 base, mixer, beater, beater guide, and lid. I like the immersion blender, too, and so this vacation tool has become a Campsie kitchen standard.