A Windfall of Add-ins on Our Topics

Windfall Apples, Hampton, New Hampshire

Windfall Apples, Hampton, New Hampshire

Breathe...we're nearly halfway to the 116 Savory Bites! As we have been cranking out posts on Kentucky-centric topics, the rest of the world has continued, in its usual amazing way, to revolve and produce some topics of its own.

Here are a few posts and sites that add to one of our first 55 Savory Bites.

We had Bite 10, It's OUR Cuppa, and the Orlando Sentinel says Tea Sales Are Hot in Orlando, US, with more men beginning to drink tea.

We had Bite 12, Sublime Summer Slaw, and the Washington Post produced It's Slaw Season (free registration required), a long story about DC chef's inventive ways with slaw. Nine intriguing recipes included. Martha Stewart pitches in with Kale Slaw with Peanut Dressing.

We had Bite 14, Kentucky Summer Supports New Plate Geometry, and The Rural Blog has Employers avoid rural counties with high obesity because of costs; the Washington Post has Kentucky town of Manchester illustrates national obesity crisis (free registration required.)

We had Bite 18, Sun Gold Tomatoes: Summer's Best Candy, and Bite 20, Kentucky Heirloom Tomatoes and Feta = Heaven, and Bite 35, Cold Tomato Soup: Chill Thrills [uhhh, it's summer - and tomatoes are fantastic this year] and Martha Stewart has 50 ways to eat tomatoes.

We had Bite 21, Backyard Hens: Our Urban Birds Feather Lexington's Nest, and CNET took a lot of the fun out of perennial conjecture by reporting that chickens definitely have to come before eggs.

We had Bite 27, Blueberries Swing Both Savory and Sweet and Bite 47, Tender Buttermilk Blueberry Scones, and Martha Stewart has 40 recipes for blueberries.

We had Bite 33, Slather on Sunflower Sundries Excellent Mustards Liberally, and the San Francisco Chronicle has Condiments a summertime dinner party save, while NPR has The Mustard Museum: Passion for a Condiment.

We had Bite 43: Perfect Blackberry Pie: Summer's Dark Glory, and Rural Intelligence has A passionate addiction to blackberries, [Hat tip to LuAnn Farrar at The Rural Blog].

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The world is coming to visit central Kentucky this year for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. To help our visitors know more about Kentucky's food and food ways, Savoring Kentucky is rolling out 116 Savory Kentucky Bites, one for each of the 100 days before WEG begins, and 16 for the days during WEG, September 25 - October 10. Today's Savory Bite is number 56.