Viburnum Valley Farm Confections: Kentucky Chocolates Supreme

Viburnum Valley Farm Confections: Kentucky's Supreme Chocolates

Viburnum Valley Farm Confections: Kentucky's Supreme Chocolates

To describe certain foods in this world, one leaves the realm of words and moves into pure, cross-cultural sound: "MmmmmmmMMMMMMMMmmmmm," for example. Viburnum Valley Farm Confections exist in that place. So when people taste Viburnum Valley's products, with their excellent preparation and exquisitely chosen first-rate ingredients, this is what one hears: "Ahhhhhhhhh." "Oooooooooooooh." "Yummmmmm."

Marianne Swintosky, who makes the confections -- chocolates, pastries, and on really great days, caramels -- brings to her Kentucky products invaluable knowledge and experience from her German upbringing. Yet even Germany's rich traditions cannot completely explain the level of Marianne's gift for this work. Each Viburnum Valley bite I have ever eaten has been perfect.

Recently Marianne added gluten-free pastries and cookies to the Viburnum Valley lineup at the Saturday Lexington Farmers Market. Viburnum Valley Farm has no storefront yet. Contact Marianne or her partner Elaine Shay to order, or come to the wonderful Saturday Market and talk with Marianne before you buy.

The mix of confections changes weekly. Some beautiful tastes I recommend: Fruit tarts, chocolate truffles made with Bourbon and sea salt, salted caramels, gluten-free almond cookies.

This is Savory Kentucky Bite number 3 of 116 Savory Bites created in honor of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.