Cookin' Up WEG Food: Chef Jacob Put Kentucky On Our Plates

Cookin' Up Kentucky, a Chef Jacob Graves production

Cookin' Up Kentucky, a Chef Jacob Graves production

It's WEG Eve in Kentucky, the night before the long-anticipated Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games begin. Stockings are hung up all over the state, hoping our guests pour in dollars and leave sweet notes saying they will be back. (I will forbear mentioning lumps of coal right here -- no politics at the dinner hour.)

I'm hungry, and my timing is excellent. I'm happy about how I plan (or hope!) to address that natural human interest in good food.

I intend to find Chef Jacob Graves at his Cookin' Up Kentucky tent in The Big Green Pasture (aka "CentrePointe Wannabe Spot") and eat whatever Kentucky-sourced food sounds best. Hat tip to in-the-know friends J&L who let me know two weeks ago that Chef Jacob would pitch his tent, which is a grown up version of a food cart (for which we have been pining and whining) -- for lots of Kentucky cooking during WEG.

Chef Jacob laid out his plans in a short message in the Lexington Farmers Market weekly newsletter a couple of days ago:

Hi, friends! We've been gearing up all week for the World Equestrian Games  & Spotlight LEX. Cookin' Up KY will be stationed across the way at the Centrepointe location situated between Main & Vine Street for the next 3 Saturdays. We will be featuring the beloved Fried Green Tomato Sandwich  along with some of the best barbecue the bluegrass region has to offer. Chef Jacob will be serving pulled pork, sliced brisket, ribs, burgoo, smoked baked beans, and sour cream baked potato salad. Come visit us during the WEG games anytime between 11 am and midnight, Sept. 24th- Oct. 10th. Thanks for another great market season!

Chef Jacob

I am eager to learn more about the foods we will be offering our global guests for the next two weeks, beyond the Fortunate 75 who will eat amazing food during each iteration of the James Beard Foundation's Celebrity Chef Dinner Series. I am proud of Jacob Graves and his suppliers, and I expect there will be other Kentucky foods available for regular folk, too, something Savoring Kentucky called for more than two years ago. I am ready to get in line for Chef Jacob's excellent food - and ready to let the Games and the Kentucky foods begin to shine.

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The world is coming to visit central Kentucky this year for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. To help our visitors know more about Kentucky's food and food ways, Savoring Kentucky is rolling out 116 Savory Kentucky Bites, one for each of the 100 days before WEG begins, and 16 for the days during WEG, September 25 - October 10. Today's Savory Bite is number 100.

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