Blueberries Swing Both Savory and Sweet

Blueberries at Reed Valley Orchard, Kentucky

Blueberries at Reed Valley Orchard, Kentucky

Blueberry season came early in Kentucky, like all the produce seasons, but some producers grow multiple types to stretch the season long. Farm stands, farmers' markets, Reed Valley Orchard, and Good Foods Market still have fresh local blueberries. Freezing them for year-round local eating is this easy: Drop the berries into a plastic bag or freezer box, seal, and put in the freezer.

Consider savory as well as sweet uses for these powerhouses of taste and nutrients. Laura Vozzella of the Baltimore sun offers recipes for Local Blueberry and Chard Sauté with Honey and Bacon, and Blueberry Onion Marmalade.

Kentuckians are not all that familiar with blueberries, I've noticed, although the woods in some parts of the state produce delicious huckleberries, a close cousin to blueberries. So we may not know about sweet preserves like Blueberry Butter (think of a sibling to cherry butter or apple butter - a preserve with no butter pats involved.) Here's a Slow Cooker Blueberry Butter recipe.

Debbie Snook of the Cleveland Plain Dealer recently published a series of berry dessert recipes, including Panna Cotta with Berries and Anise Brittle. Blueberries, blackberries, or late season raspberries all would work well here.

Blueberries star in an early classic rock song, but they might fit better in the world of swing: from immediate pleasure to frozen winter wonders, and from classically sweet to impertinently savory. Let's enjoy them every which way.

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