Berea's 100-Mile Potluck: You're Invited on July 25, 2010

A potluck dinner table and plate

A potluck dinner table and plate

The college town of Berea serves as Kentucky's green conscience and idea generator, continuing today in a long tradition of thought leadership and conscientious action on major world issues. Now some of the present-day progressives and visionaries in the beautiful town 35 miles south of Lexington are inviting us all to a most interesting potluck on Sunday night, July 25, from 5:30 - 7:30 PM at the Berea Community School gym at 1 Pirate Parkway (map.)

Sustainable Berea organizes annual 100-mile potlucks, featuring foods grown within 100 miles of the place, that help us pay attention to the impact of our food choices on our world. This year's 100-mile potluck is one way Sustainable Berea spearheads the work of Transition Town Berea, an initiative intended to support community work that will help Berea thrive in a post-oil future. Berea is the 13th Transition Town in the United States, and the 134th worldwide. Transition Initiatives are based on these four assumptions:

  • Life with dramatically lower energy consumption is inevitable;  better to plan for it
  • Our communities lack the resilience to weather severe energy and economic shocks
  • We have to act collectively, and act now
  • A future with less energy can, if we fully apply our collective knowledge and skills, be preferable to the present.

What else but a shared community meal to build energy and connections for accomplishing Sustainable Berea's mission, which begins: "To increase Berea's resilience ' its ability to withstand external economic and environmental shocks..."?

Yes, people from communities other than Berea are warmly invited. The hosts will provide meat. Bring a side dish made from local food, bring the recipe for inclusion in Local Foods Cookbook #2, and bring a little money for the raffle and auction that will help raise money for Sustainable Berea's work. And then bring home some energy to nurture initiatives like this in your neighborhood and city.

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