Beets, All Popular Now, and Tasting Like .... What?

Kentucky beets, skins slipped

Kentucky beets, skins slipped

I knew for sure that I have reached my "Ninth Beet Age" when my heart gave a happy little "Yay!" over the beautifully roasted beets on the Good Foods Café buffet last week. The roasted/quartered/lightly browned beauties tasted darkly, maroonly sweet, just like their beautiful color.

In his delightful Salon piece on beets, Francis Lam describes a beet history a bit different from my nine personal ages. He names only two ages:

  1. Age 1: Beets are fuddy-duddy - never seen except in terrible drippy circles of scary looking liquid on appalling steam tables.
  2. Age 2: Beets are Wow! Cool! Hot! Exciting! New! Now!

The man loves him some beets. Listen to this:

Sweet but profoundly complex, they tasted like geology. They tasted like  the earth, though the earth was not something I'd ever thought I'd  wanted to taste. But the way they resisted the bite just slightly, the  way they gave off that mellow juice, the way they revealed their sugar  ... they made me realize not just that I loved them, but also that there  is so much to love in vegetables. It may have been that bite of beet  that forever changed me into a true vegetable lover.

They tasted like geology! That sounds right to me.

Lam's article offers an important roasting tip (add some water to the roasting pan, cover tightly), and several simple lists of luscious sounding add-ins. Enjoy!

Oh! And remember - beets are not hard to grow. Put them on your seed list for next year. Here's a good place to plan to be amazed as you anticipate plates full of the taste of geology.

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