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Bee Sweet: Urban Bee-Keeping In Lexington

Bees need us these days, and we are utterly dependent on them. How sweet it is that Seedleaf and friends located a beehive in the Old Episcopal Burying Ground, next to the London Ferrell Community Garden in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky.

Expanding downtown gardens and orchards will need more and more beehives, and more of the good, steady, unusual people who are beekeepers. (Yes, that's how I describe any beekeepers I have known.)

In Illinois, a farmer has aligned with some Chicago chefs to create a "chef's apiary" on her land, a kind of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for honey. Chefs pay upfront for a guaranteed amount of honey, which is moderately priced. The farmer uses the funds for improvements in the queen bee stock and equipment. Diners get locally sweetened dishes. Let's increase the buzz about good options like this for increasing bee populations, with sweet wins on all sides.

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