Our Urban Birds: Backyard Hens Feather Lexington's Nest

Lexington, Kentucky beautiful backyard chickens

Lexington, Kentucky beautiful backyard chickens

Beautiful backyard hen in Lexington, Kentucky

Beautiful backyard hen in Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington -- smart city -- permits backyard chicken-raising. This has attracted attention as far away as Pittsburgh, a city our city's leaders recently find bedazzling. Berea, Kentucky, another city some of us revere for its beauty, commitment to crafts and art, and its green ways, has a controversy underway because backyard chickens in town are, so far, taboo.

Right in downtown Lexington, I have friends in four households where chickens roam around happily in a "run" and have good shelter for laying eggs and avoiding raccoons. This commitment to protecting and caring for rather vulnerable animals in exchange for eggs and the occasional roast hen continues to surprise me, although Newsweek reported on the phenomenon in Brooklyn and other cities quite some time ago. I applaud this self-reliant approach that our city and our neighbors embrace.

Resources: (Note: I do not raise chickens, so I am guessing about the value these may have.)

Extensive information on "Small Flock Management" from Cooperative Extension in North Carolina (recommended by Fayette County Extension Service)

Raising Chickens 101, from backyardchickens.com

Chicken care information from urbanchickens.org

Coop photos and information from Madison, Wisconsin's madcitychickens.com

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