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Peppers at Cleary Hill Farm Stand, Lexington Farmers Market, Kentucky

Peppers at Cleary Hill Farm Stand, Lexington Farmers Market, Kentucky

As we've made our daily way to post number 102, interesting stories have popped up that relate to one of our Savory Bites.

We had Bite 6, Sunrise Bakery: Brilliance on Main Street where part of the brilliance is the superb, smooth Illy espresso drinks that Kristy Matherly and the staff pour. The Wall Street Journal ran a story about Andrea Illy, the company's president, Brewing Just-Right Espresso.

We had Bite 57, Reasons We Can (or Freeze, Dry, Ferment) - Or Not, and Bite 79, Homemade Ketchup: Done. USA Today joins us in the pantry with Local food movement spurs canning trend. The Pittsburgh Gazette goes one better on the food preservation topic with Root cellar revival: Chatham University wants people to dig this low-tech tradition.

We had Bite 61, Packing Heat in Veggie Form: Bhut Jolokia Peppers at the Lexington Farmers Market, a sturm und drang story about smuggled seeds, hand grenades, writhing in agony and other dark pepper-ish topics. The New York Times explains some of our fixation on foods that burn, in A Perk of Our Evolution: Pleasure in Pain of Chilies.

We had Bite 80, They Make Hardwood Look Easy - And Delicious, and Bite 80, Can Food Save Cities? It May Save a Town, both of which revolved around a particular axle of argument in favor of food carts in our city. The Wall Street Journal reported on another form of vehicular dining: Busing Tables, and Diners Too.

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The world is coming to visit central Kentucky this year for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. To help our visitors know more about Kentucky's food and food ways, Savoring Kentucky is rolling out 116 Savory Kentucky Bites, one for each of the 100 days before WEG begins, and 16 for the days during WEG, September 25 - October 10. Today's Savory Bite is number 102.

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