Early Spring Farmers Market Meal

Chopped Green OnionsThe great Elmwood Stock Farm now offers its chickens in parts, not just as whole birds. That was the big news from my regular Saturday visit to the Lexington Farmers Market. I pan fried a fresh Elmwood chicken breast in grapeseed oil for dinner tonight. Terrific - I'm excited about this new development. I used the same old skillet, though, that my man believes is the only appropriate saute' or frying tool. My grandmothers both used iron skillets, but where did my Massachusetts milltown man get so attached to them?Iron Skillet In my two-person household, no one's tastebuds have matured enough yet to prefer dark meat, so the fantastic whole Elmwood chickens have been hard for us to use fully. Parts are a big advance.

What went with the chicken? Good things from our garden Portobello Mushroomand Good Foods Market: Spring green onions, butter, and green peas in one dish; sauteed portobello mushroom in another. Broad Run Winery's Riesling - a dry, delicious, European-style Riesling. Dinner from fresh whole foods, not entirely Kentucky but leaning in that direction, in about 35 minutes. Not that I was counting.