About Savoring Kentucky

Savoring Kentucky's mission is to contribute to a strong, resilient food system for all Kentuckians. We dedicate our work to increasing Kentucky's food self-sufficiency and Kentucky small farms' incomes.

Though it has deeply serious purposes, this site is about the great pleasures of eating and drinking what comes from Kentucky's soil, water, air, and growers. We tell our own stories and feature people who live and work in ways that build our new food system, making it stronger and better than the old.

We have lots of beliefs: "Cooking is good." "Cooking with others is even better." "Kentucky farms grow great food." The reasons for eating well and close to home include serious health, environmental, and economic benefits as well as the delights of the table. Instead of boring you with preaching, we showcase the deep satisfactions of living within Kentucky food's promise and potential.

We can sustain ourselves, our growers, and our land, eat well, and be kind to our world in the process. We can be free of worries about oil and terrorists and food miles. We can eat locally grown, delicious, fresh, sustainably and ethically grown, organic food and drink, and enjoy the benefits of personal and soil health. In fact, we are on our way. Lots of people work on this everyday. Savoring Kentucky celebrates them and aims to encourage and support them.

May all of us enjoy Kentucky’s bounty and prosper together in ways we will be proud to pass along to our great-great-grandchildren. And may it be delicious and delightful along the way.