About Consultation with Rona Roberts


All meals matter to your family, your health, and your farming community. Rona helps you find workable ways to invest in nearby goodness for everyday breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks at home, and, of course, for special occasion meals. Ask Rona for menu advice, recipe location and source identification so you can center your meals around Kentucky's fine foods. She will also help if you're interested in offering Kentucky-sourced foods at meetings and conferences with lots of eaters.

An initial 20-minute consultation with Rona about Kentucky food for your family or event is free.

After conversation about your interests, Rona can estimate the cost of further services, based on these rates: businesses and large associations: $200/hour; small non-profits and small business start-ups: $150/hour.

Every consultation benefits local farms and farmers' markets.

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