Farm to You: CSA Profiles        

Ballew Farms

Lonzo, Taffy, Leroy Ballew and their nephews are third generation farmers of 397 acres in North Madison County. No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used in their 7 acre garden. They have honey bees to pollinate and use cayenne pepper water, limited amounts of neem oil and Epson salt as a means of pest defense.

Season: The 9 month CSA includes a large list of over 48 fruits and vegetables. Fresh eggs, honey, firewood bundles, and other seasonal items available.

Share Options: A Full Share will supplement 2-4 people’s vegetable requirements per week. A Half Share is more suited for individuals or couples with moderate vegetable requirements. Full Share costs $25 per week ($500 for 9 months) Half Share is $12.50 per week ($250 for 9 months).  Members will receive on average 6 to 8 different types of vegetables per week.

Pick up/drop off locations:  in Lexington at the Hamburg Station and members can also stop by the farm to pick up shares and see the growing operation.

How/When to Sign Up: Call or email for details on amounts, frequency and seasonal specialty items. Lonzo Cell: 706-751-8442, Taffy Cell: 404-509-5690, Find us on Facebook (Ballew Farms) or email: Members can sign up now until June 30th, 2016


Bellaire Blooms- Bouquet Subscription

We are a small, sustainably minded, flower farm located in south Woodford County. Shareholders can expect to find a seasonally changing array of our gorgeous blooms in each weekly bouquet. Our bouquets are wrapped in brown paper upon pick up and are grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides so feel free to bury your face in your sweet smelling blooms.

Season: We have both 22 and 12 week options.  A weekly or biweekly bunch of fresh cut flowers designed by the farmer-florist herself are delivered June 1st through the last Saturday in October.

Share Options: Cost for a bi-weekly (full) share is $14.20 per bouquet ($312.70 total with tax). Cost of a weekly (half) share is $14.58 per bouquet ($174.90 season total with tax). Tax, unfortunately, is necessary since the bouquets are not food items. 

Pick Up/Drop-off Locations: Bouquet pick up is on Wednesdays at West Sixth Brewery between 5:30 and 7:30pm or at the Saturday Lexington Farmers Market.

How/When to Sign Up: Sign up is available at the event or via our square website or follow the link "buy flowers now" on our personal website Deadline to signup is May 25th. (Contact us after the deadline date. Shares may still be available)


Crooked Row Farm

We are a family farm located in Fayette County and grow vegetables and raise pastured chickens for eggs.  We believe in sustainable agriculture practices and use no conventional pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. The more we can do for our land, the more our land can do for us.  Our share gives you enough vegetables to feed a family of 2-4 each week.

Season: We plan on a 32 week CSA program this year with the potential to go year around; weekly payments accepted.

Share Options:  The Locavore- every single item we grow. Runs from April to December (32 weeks) and is $30 per week. The Best of the Bluegrass- the classic Kentucky staples: tomatoes, peppers, beans, corn, summer squash, cucumbers, onions, and melons. Runs from July to the end of September (12 weeks) for $30 per week.

Pick-up/Drop-off Locations:   We do pickups at the farm and currently have no drop off locations. 

How/When to Sign Up: You can enroll at  In order to complete enrollment a Member Agreement must be signed, this is available for download or a copy can be sent to your residence. Potential members are always welcome to email or call me at 859-552-6309. Signups are open until membership capacity is full.


Dove’s Landing Farm
We are a family owned farm that believes in natural ways of growing plants and raising livestock. Through our varied farm experiences we try to capture and recreate them into fine art. We offer monthly on farm activities for shareholders as well as extra items in their boxes when our other farm related business is plentiful. ie. bouquets of flowers, handmade items, goats milk soap etc.

Season: Our Agriculture CSA is for 3 months (April-June) (July-September) (October-December) and our Fine Art CSA is for 3 months (starting and ending time is all year).

Share Options: We have 3 share sizes

Artisan Agricultural -$280

Artisan Benefit Agricultural-$380
Plus Artisan Agricultural $560

Fine Art CSA Child Portrait Share $495
Canine and Equine $470

Pick up/Drop off Locations: All shares are home delivery.

How/When to sign up: Sign up via email or on our website or by mail. Forms can be downloaded off our web site. Sign up/$100 depositASAP.  All payments in by last Friday in March for Spring Season.

Elmwood Stock Farm

Elmwood Stock Farm is a USDA Certified Organic farm north of Lexington in Scott County. They have offered a CSA program for 12 years and all items in their shares are grown at Elmwood. In Addition, they offer Grass-Fed Beef along with Pastured Chicken and Egg Shares - all Certified Organic.

Season:  Summer Season 22 weeks (May through September) Fall Season 6 distributions every 2 weeks (October - December)

Share options:  Mini Share ($19 per week/ $425 season total) is designed to feed single adults or couples who eat out often.  Regular Share ($28 per week/$630 season total) is designed to feed two adults or a small household most of their weekly vegetable needs.  Robust Share ($40 per week/ $880 total) is designed to feed a larger family or vegetarian couple most of their weekly vegetable needs.

Egg Share, Chicken Share, Beef Share, Pantry Share, and Fall Produce Shares also available.

Pickup/ Drop-Off Locations: several neighborhood locations in Lexington: (Bell Ct, Basset Ave, Penmoken Pk, Rosemill Dr, Leestown Rd, Broadway/Maxwell), Liquor Barn Stores, Lexington Seafood Co, St Joseph Hospital, HealthWorx Fitness, YMCA High St, Lexmark, The Weekly Juicery, and at West Sixth. Frankfort and Georgetown and Home Delivery options also offered.

How/when to sign up:  on the website at You can also sign up over the phone at 859-621-0755.



FoodChain is a non-profit, indoor aquaponics farm, located right next door to West Sixth Brewery, in the Bread Box! We grow all kinds of leafy greens, including lettuce, swiss chard, kale, and collards, as well as a wide variety of microgreens and shoots in our indoor aquaponics system, that uses fish waste from our tilapia to fertilize the greens (we sell the harvested fish to our neighbors at Smithtown Seafood!). As an educational nonprofit, our mission is to demonstrate economic viability for innovative urban farms, as well as provide unique programming on food production and accessibility to diverse groups throughout the region.

Season: Our CSA is 8 weeks, with Spring (Apr 6-May 25), Summer 1 (June 9-July 28), and Summer2 (Aug 3- Sep 21) shares available. 

Share Options: A share is $15/week and includes pea shoots, sunflower shoots, and a rotating weekly sample of exciting microgreens to spice up your life! 

Pick Up/Drop-off Locations:

Pick up will be at West 6th Brewery every Wednesday afternoon, starting April 6th 2016.

How/When to sign up: Sign up at or email, or stop by during our open hours every Thursday from 4-6. Last day to sign up for Spring shares will be March 28th.


For Pete’s Sake Farm

For Pete’s Sake Farm is a small 10 acre vegetable farm located in the rich loamy soil in the Old Richmond Road corridor. In Early spring CSA customers will receive a variety of greens (kale, braising mix, mustard greens, etc.), broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, sugar snap peas, onions, carrots and scallions. Early summer will include Swiss chard, squash, zucchini, cucumber, new potatoes, okra, green beans, beets, garlic and herbs. Late summer will include corn, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumber, melons, butternut squash, acorn squash, melons, potatoes, and herbs. We partner with neighbor farms in southern Fayette County to provide: blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, honey, chicken and duck eggs, pork, chicken, and beef.  

Season: 20 weeks beginning in mid-May

Share options:  Half size share is $15 per week.   Full size share is $27.50 per week.

Add-ons of eggs, berries, meats, and honey are available at extra cost.

Pick-up/Drop-off Locations:  Thursdays on farm, Temple Adaith Israel (North Ashland Avenue), Flourish Gym (Richmond Road), any business or neighborhood with 7 shares or more.

How/When to Sign Up: Sign up online: or call: 849-489-7857. Deadline May 1st


Fresh Stops

The concept of a Fresh Stop Market is simple. Think of it as a cross between a fruit and vegetable flash mob and a family reunion, in a neighborhood setting. At our community-run Fresh Stop Markets, shareholders order fresh local produce that they pick up on a bi-weekly basis. Fresh Stop Markets often feature cooking demonstrations and activities that help neighborhoods unite around the pursuit of a healthy, just food system for all. Our Fresh Stop Markets are open to everyone and created, led, and sustained by community leaders. Most Fresh Stop Markets reserve 75% of all shares for those individuals and families identifying as low-income according to the WIC eligibility guidelines.

Season: Fresh Stop Markets run from early June to the end of October. Shares may be purchased with cash, check, credit/debit cards or KY EBT/Food Stamps/SNAP Benefits.

Share Options: Produce shares are paid for and ordered one to two weeks in advance. Each share is accompanied by a newsletter with recipes and information from our farmers. All Fresh Stop Markets operate on a sliding scale based on income.

Shares are $6 for mothers who participate in the WIC program

Shares are $12 for EBT/Food Stamp recipients or others who are low-income according to the above guidelines

Shares are $25 for all others

How/When to sign up: Rolling deadline every two weeks from June to October.  Contact us through the website or Jeremy Porter at 270-929-7189.


Fryman Farm

Fryman Farm has been family owned and operated since 1976. We now sell at three farmer's markets: Bath, Bourbon and Harrison Counties as well as direct farm sales, and our CSAs known as “Veggie Baskets”. Customers can also come to the farm and pick their own strawberries. We raise vegetables from Asparagus to Zucchini.  Summer and Fall Squash varieties, seven varieties of green beans, fifteen varieties of tomatoes, three varieties of eggplant and many varieties of peppers and pumpkins. In mid-May our Strawberry plots come alive.  June brings on Blueberries and Cherries and in July our Blackberries find their way into the veggie baskets as well.  Our free ranging hens provide farm fresh eggs that you can include in your basket as well as fresh herbs and recipes.

Season: Our Veggie Baskets program start in May and run until September.  

Share Options: You may buy a 10 week or a 20 week veggie basket. 

Depending on the size that you and your family may require they start at $15.00 per week which feeds 1-2 people; $25.00 per week which feeds 3-4; or $35.00 per week which feeds 6-8.  

Pick-up/Drop-off Locations: A drop off location that provides safety for both parties will need to be selected and agreed upon for all deliveries. Jessamine County delivery available. 

How/When to Sign Up: We start accepting members at the beginning of the year; we accept cash, personal checks and major credit cards. ALL Memberships must paid in full by April 15, 2016. For further information or questions, please feel free to contact us at:

Fryman Farm Produce on Facebook.


Greenhouse 17

We are an advocacy agency for survivors of domestic violence and we believe that nature, beauty, movement, and the creative process are important healing tools for survivors of trauma.  We hire women living in our emergency shelter to work on our onsite farm, growing chemical free produce for our emergency shelter along with seasonal herbs and cut flowers to share with our community.

Season: 16 or 4 weeks, June thru September

Pick up/drop off locations:  Two locations in downtown Lexington and one in Hamburg.

Share options:  Full share- 16 weeks, 4 week share available.

 How/when to sign up: Call 859 333/0674 or



Located in Fayette County on Georgetown Road, GreenPasturesCSA is made up of two family farms in Central Kentucky – The Clark Family Farm and The Poore Farm. We offer three separate CSAs – one for vegetables, one for meat and one for eggs.  Each is delivered to your doorstep.

Seasons:  Vegetable CSA - 22 weeks. The shares are delivered to your door each week during summer.

Egg CSA - all year long. One or two dozen eggs (or more) are delivered to you every two weeks. 

Meat CSA- all year long, delivered once a month, with sixth-month commitment.

Share Options: We have three Vegetable CSA options:  Small- $17.63 per week ($388 total)

Regular- $24.45 per week ($538 total).  Large- $31.27 per week ($688 total).

Meat Options: Small: (8 lbs.) $16 a week, $65 a month. Regular: $23 a week, $95 a month.

Large: $37 a week, $150 a month.

Egg Options: one dozen every two weeks, $125 a year, about $4.80 a dozen; two dozen every two weeks, $245, about $4.70 a dozen. We also offer chicken-only shares and welcome bulk orders of beef, chicken, pork and lamb. Call for details.

Pickup/Drop-off Locations: We currently offer front-door delivery inside New Circle Road but plan to offer drop-off points for folks who live outside New Circle Road.

How/When to Sign up: Sign up anytime at or by calling 859-489-0491. Deadline for vegetable CSA is ASAP; we will have a limited number of shares this year. 


Howlin’ Wolf Farm

Howlin Wolf Farm is a 30-acre produce and livestock farm located in Lexington, just minutes from downtown. We offer a large variety of CSA options and add-ons to give everyone a tailor-made CSA experience, all while remaining affordable and accessible to people of all walks of life.

Season: 20 Weeks 

Share Options: Four sizes of Produce Only Shares:  Student/Individual: $7.50 per week, $150 total.

Standard: $12.50 per week, $250 total. Double: $22.50 per week, $450 total.  Worker Share: $75 total.

Other Shares and add-ons include Meat Share: $220, Egg Share: $120, Flower Share:  $160, Canned Good Share: $120, Herb Share: $100, Alive & Wild Fermented Share: $190.

Produce shares and the meat share include a $15 crate deposit.

Pick up/Drop off locations: Lexington Farmers Market, Bluegrass Farmers Market, Delivery(need based)

How/when to sign up:  sign up on or 859-813-0272 by April 16 (Late signups till May 1)


Lazy Eight Stock Farm

Lazy Eight Stock Farm is a 420 acre Certified Organic family farm located on the banks of the Paint Lick creek in Madison and Garrard County. They give it their all to grow a variety of organic produce for CSA members - the lifeblood their farm.

CSA Season: 25 weeks, May-October

Share Options: Small - $19/week, Regular - $27/week. Pro-rated partial season memberships also available for those who can’t commit to the 25 week season. Ask us about flexible payment options.

Pickup/Drop-off Locations: Several local farmers markets, community pick-up sites, and home/office deliveries. **additional charges for home/office delivery may apply. Check website for details

How to Sign up: You can join on our website at, or call 859-661-1501.


Rosemont Bakehouse

Rosemont Bakehouse is a bread CSA, rather, a CSB. Operating like many vegetable or meat CSAs, you pay up-front for a season of fresh, quality, local bread made with local Weisenberger flour. Each week is baker's choice, so one week you might get a wild sourdough boule, and the next a couple of rustic corn flour baguettes. All variations will be based on a different herb, grain, and/or technique.  

Season: 12 weeks, lasts year-long with one week breaks in between each season.

Share Options: $60 per 12-week share. Currently there is only a 1-size share option which includes 1-2 loaves of bread each week. Future options will include cookies, cakes, scones, etc, but those aren't available at this time.  

Pick up/drop off locations: Each Wednesday your bread will be available for pick-up at West Sixth Brewing from 4-6pm

How/when to sign up: a sign up form is available on the website,


Sustainable Harvest Farm

Sustainable Harvest Farm is USDA Certified Organic farm located in Laurel County. They produce vegetables, pastured beef and pork products and value-added items such as tomato juice, salsa, dried peas and cornmeal. Since 2009, the Waterstrats have continued to look for ways to innovate and expand their farm to provide quality, sustainable and delicious food for their family and community.

Season: May-October 20 week main season weekly delivery.

Share Options: Regular- $540 ($27 a week) 

XL Share-  $680 ($34 a week)

 +Cheese and Bread Add on Options                             

Pickup Locations: Multiple locations in Lexington, London, Richmond, Somerset, and Corbin.

How/when to sign up: Call 606-877-8875 or email  Also visit Signups open until membership capacity is full.


Teal Tractor CSA

Walnut Lawn Farm was founded in 1842, located on the fringes of Lexington in Fayette County. We grow about 20 different varieties of vegetables and some fruits and herbs, all of which our member's enjoy as they come into season. We partner with Clark Family Farms for our free range chicken and egg shares.

Season: begin in late May/early June and run through October for 20 weeks.

Share Options: We have Full Shares and Half Shares available between $25/week and $15/week. The chicken and egg shares are priced separately as an add-on to either share option. Our Full Share option is a weekly box that is designed to feed a family of two to four people. It includes a variety of 6-12 items. Our Half Share option is a weekly box that is designed to feed 1-2 people with similar variety of items.

Pickup/Drop-off Locations: Typically, our pickup locations are based on our share members for that season. Right now we have a pickup location at the Beaumont YMCA on Mondays from 7-8 pm.We are looking to build more produce partnerships with businesses, churches and community centers - 10+ signed shares earns a new pickup location.

How/When to sign up:  We have our sign-ups open on our website which will remain open until May 1st.